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Our Gluten Free Sausages are...

Quality Assured

We only use high welfare free range meats in our sausages. Conventional butchery wisdom sees the sausage as a way to efficiently use animal parts that would otherwise be waste. We believe sausage deserves better, much better! All our meats are traceable to the highest possible welfare standards, locally sourced and verified free range from RSPCA assured farms.

Artisan Assured

The success of our gourmet sausage isn’t just about superior ingredients. To get exceptional results they have to brought together carefully, at just right time, temperature and of course by hand. All of this is meticulously controlled and overseen by our resident expert in our Charcuterie kitchen in Yorkshire.

Provenance Assured

We’re not in the business of selling frozen sausage, nor would we consider artificially enhancing or extending shelf life by using chemical additives. For ultimate freshness and premium quality everything is made to order by our in-house expert. Equally Slow-Food principles are at the forefront for sourcing all our ingredients.

Paleo Assured

Our new healthier gluten free sausages are perfect for Low-carb, Keto, Diabetic, Celiac and Paleo diets. Paleo assured is at our core, so you can be assured all our products are; handmade, free range, gluten free, natural and chemical free.

25 Endor Crescent

Burley in Wharfedale

Ilkley, England

LS29 7QH

Primal Cut Gluten Free Sausage

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