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Free Range • Real-food • Paleo • Whole30 • Slow-food

Free Range

  Our sausage and bacon is Free Range and made exclusively from only Primal Cuts of the highest welfare meats. All fully documented and sourced exclusively from local RSPCA certified Yorkshire farms.


 All our sausages are handcrafted in our Charcuterie home kitchen in Burley in Wharfedale. From blending seasonings, chopping meats, stuffing the casings to final packaging. Every step is tightly controlled to deliver the consistency and quality our customers demand from us.

Free From

Free Range sausages with heaps of integrity! Chicken, Italian, Chorizo, Breakfast, Currywurst and more. All carefully hand crafted from high welfare meats and all natural – non GMO seasonings. No bread, Soya, Flour fillers or artificial preservatives.

Well Being

Our real-food sausages are anti-inflammatory and made with optimal nutrition in mind. Perfect for guilt free indulgence, lifestyle diet or slimming program. – Whole30, Low-carb, Keto, Diabetic, Celiac, Paleo, Cross Fit and all Whole-Food diets.

Our mission is to inspire communities by connecting them with high quality, nutritional, real-food.

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