For all health conscious sports stars who love a good sausage, here are ten knock-out reasons to try our award-winning, artisan, gluten-free, all natural pork sausages!

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1.  High meat content

Our artisan sausages contain at least 90% meat and never more than 30% fat.  They are a good honest MEATY sausage and a real food product.  We know you will be able to taste the difference.  And these sausages are great for the health conscious or any dietary requirements that focus on real food – weight loss, sport or fitness training.

2.  Chemical, additive and gluten-free

Our all natural sausages are:

  • Additive-free
  • Chemical free
  • Sugar-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Legume Free
  • Grain Free

This means that the ingredients used in our sausages are all recognisable as food.  Nor do the sausages contain gluten.  This means that there is no filler, bread, rusk or water in any of our sausages.  Instead, we use fresh pork meat, salt and seasonings so that you can rest assured on the quality of our products.

3.  We only use prime cuts of delicious free range pork

Our gluten free sausages are only ever made from primal cuts of free-range pork.  A butcher will use the prime cuts of pork to sell onto to his customers.  They will use the “trimmings” to make their sausages.  We are different.  We only use the prime cuts of pork in our sausages.  The trimmings go to feed our pets and is not used for human consumption.  Follow this link to find out more about primal cut v prime cuts and why that makes a difference: primal cut v prime cut

4.  Hand-mixed seasonings

Our sausages are made from a perfect blend of hand-mixed seasonings and spices.  They are a true artisan product based on original, authentic recipes.  For this reason and to reflect our simple real food quality, we never buy in pre-mixed seasonings.  This gives us control over consistent quality and taste.

5.  Happy little trotters!

Our sausages use locally produced RSPCA assured free-range pork from a farm recognised for its dedication to rearing methods and validated certification from Freedom Foods AssociationRed Tractor Assured and Compassion in World Farming.  They are happy little trotters!

6.  Easy to understand labelling

Right from the start, we wanted to give the power back to you over food choice and food quality.  We are proud of our clean labelling policy which tells you exactly the ingredients used to make up our fantastic natural sausages.  In turn, we believe this empowers you to make good food choices.  After all, this was the starting point for the company.  Primal Cut was born out of Michael’s own frustration in not being able to source a simple real food gluten-free sausage, free from additives and preservatives to eat as part of his healthy lifestyle.  Ask any sports star or health conscious individual into diet and lifestyle and they will likely agree!

7.  A great range of products

From cocktail sausages to meatballs – it’s all here! We offer a full range of gluten-free sausages including cocktail sausages, chipolatas, burgers and meatballs.  Watch out too for our knock out naturally cured bacon in lots of delicious new varieties including a very special natural-cured treacle bacon which we think you will love!

8.  Great taste combinations

Did you know that we now offer 23 different varieties of artisan sausages?  Everyone is a favourite and all the sausages are hand-crafted in our tiny 5-star kitchen in Burley-in-Wharfedale.  For a full list of all our products, please follow this link to our current menu.

9.  Introducing the mighty currywurst!

We saved the best til last!  We make Currywurst. Nom nom. This is our very own award-winning take on a German classic – and its big – a whopping seven inches of sausage  – which will keep even the hungriest of meat eaters more than satisfied.  Find out more about the currywurst here.

10.  Sport, health and happiness

We love food and the sense of health and happiness that eating real, good food can bring.  Sport brings its own enormous health benefits and a sense of well being that is second to none. Sport’s philosophy dovetails so well with our mission in life – to help as many people as possible have access to real food so they can make great food choices and live a better life.

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