3 Simple, Tasty  Whole30 Sausage Recipes

If you are part way through the Whole30 January reset and stuck for simple meal ideas, here are 3 tasty Whole30 sausage recipes to inspire you.

Hearty Celery Pasta with Sausage and Tomato Sauce

Celery Root Pasta with Sausages and Tomato Sauce

This sausage recipe makes a warming, delicious sauce of sausages, tomato and herbs.  It is served with a simple celery root (celeriac) pasta.

Serve it to a gluten-eater and they would be none the wiser.  Promise.

For the recipe, follow this link: Gluten free celery pasta

Hearty currywurst tray bake

Currywurst Traybake

Our tray bake makes a delicious, filling  supper.  It is great to serve to family and friends.  We believe in the pleasures of slow food and shared meals eaten together at the table.  In fact this makes up Principle 5 in our ongoing series of  tips for good eating made simple . We recommend our unique free-range, gluten-free Currywurst sausage for this recipe – it brings a special extra dimension and flavour to the meal.  Simply leave out the greek yoghurt topping to make this recipe super compliant.

For the recipe, follow this link: Gluten free Currywurst tray bake


Warming sausage and marrow with herbs

Sausage with Marrow and Herbs

Deceptively simple to cook and with only five ingredients, this sausage recipe is a wonder.  It tastes fresh and embodies the Whole 30 approach to simple but tasty real food.

For the recipe, follow this link:  Gluten free sausage with marrow and herbs



There we have it – three simple meal ideas to get your juices going..

Good Luck and Enjoy Your Adventure!

Our natural sausages (and natural cured bacon) are a simple way to ensure that you always have a meal on hand for the Whole30: sausage, egg and chips anyone?  Other easy meal options might also include bacon sandwiches (using portobello mushrooms to wrap round thick slices of natural cured bacon), a full English breakfast or a gluten free toad in the hole!  With our sausages having the official seal of approval from Melissa Hartwig and the guys at Whole30, the sky’s the limit for creating easy meals and perfect sausage dishes.

We hope our sausage and bacon products will  make it easier for you to stick to plan and reset your diet for the journey onwards!  Good luck with your adventure!

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