Are you looking for a delicious, satisfying fast food combo that will please every member of your family? We’d like to introduce you to the Currywurst – our version of a German traditional sausage with a very romantic past!


History of Currywurst

Currywurst is a tasty fresh pork sausage best served smothered in curry ketchup, topped with a delicate sprinkling of curry powder on a tasty bed of sauerkraut  – and not a bread bun in sight.  The dish to be eaten with a currywurst fork (chip shop wooden fork to you and me)  – This dish is nourishing, satiating and a bit of a diplomatic breakthrough when invented in 1949 bringing together American, British, (some say Indian) and German forces stationed in Berlin after the second world war.

Herta Heuwer and Her Sausage

Herta Heuwer…inventor

The original Currywurst is accredited to the indomitable Herta Heuwer who spotted American soldiers eating steak and ketchup whilst working on re-building Berlin, a city that had been so badly damaged during the second world war. Due to the damaged infrastructure, many supplies were limited. However Helga used her charms and persuaded the Americans to share their ketchup. Likewise, British soldiers shared their curry powder ( hence the Indian connection) and so Herta retired to her kitchen and this delicious sausage was born.

Herta began to sell her sausages from a small stand in Berlin. So popular was the result that in its hey-day the stand served 10,000 Currywurst each week. It was particularly popular with construction workers who relished the Currywurst ’s nutritional value and satiating qualities – simple, tasty, warm and filling.

Below is a picture of the very first Currywurst stall in Berlin.

The very First Currywurst Stall in Berlin

Today there is a museum to the Currywurst in Berlin –down the road from Checkpoint Charlie  – and yes it is on our bucket list of places to visit!  Have you been?

Delicious Currywurst and Chips

Above all, we’re delighted to include this gluten-free version of the Currywurst in or complete range of gourmet sausages.

Currywurst is great with a craft beer and a must for any entertaining that involves fast food and fun.

Find out more about this fabulous sausage by popping along to one of our market stalls. Alternatively, simply order a pack or two from our online shop – Enjoy!

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