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Who Are We

Located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales Primal Cut was created by master sausage maker Michael Oliver. A passionate foodie, Michael is well known for his devotion to optimal nutrition and promotion of real-food diets.

Slow-food ingredients, free-range meats and a focus on quality have resulted in high demand for our gourmet gluten free sausages. Despite their popularity, we’re still impressed when customers tell us how much they like them:

those are the best sausages I’ve ever had”

“I’ve avoided sausages for years, but you’ve restored my faith – these are real sausages”

“so delicious…no fat, incredibly tasty”

What We Do

If you happen to be looking for the best in healthy all natural sausages – Primal Cut is the place to be! Above all, every sausage we make is handcrafted the way the British Sausages used to be made. High quality (free range) meat, sea salt, and natural seasonings. All mixed by hand and stuffed into natural casings…that’s it!

Our Proper Sausage range is entirely preservative and allergen-free; That’s no… Gluten, Soya, Dairy, Eggs, Nitrates, Artificial Preservatives, Fillers, Extenders or Colours.

Similarly, with a focus on ethical farming and high-quality ingredients, Slow-Food, Paleo and real-food principles are at the heart of everything we do.

What We're About

Getting great results from sausage-making requires a deal of skill in bringing together the highest quality meats, natural seasonings and the knowledge of the sausage maker (Salumist).

The provenance of each ingredient is of utmost importance to us. In line with this, we adopt a Clean Label Policy, this means all ingredients are listed on the front of our packs – in large font & plain English.

Our high welfare meats are sourced locally within Yorkshire from certified Free Range (RSPCA & RED TRACTOR approved) farms.

Being an award winning sausage maker, Michael is fervent about bringing together his knowledge of charcuterie and the use of all natural ingredients. With a focus on making sausage the best it can be, ethical sourcing and high quality ingredients, our natural artisan sausage is amongst the best around in Britain today.

Providing customers with a product that’s beneficial to their health and well being is something we’re extremely proud of.

25 Endor Crescent

Burley in Wharfedale

Ilkley, England

LS29 7QH

Primal Cut Gluten Free Sausage

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