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We are Yorkshire’s renowned maker of gluten free genuine Paleo sausages, made from 100 per cent natural, real-food ingredients. Once you’ve tasted the difference, you’ll never make do with shop bought gluten free sausages again!

What We Do

We make PROPER sausages, the way sausage used to be made and still should be. Just pure, no-fuss quality meat, salt, seasoning and natural casings – real food true Paleo sausages that that are healthy, local and fresh… with the most amazing flavour!

No chemical preservatives, no synthetic enhancers, no phosphates, soya, sulphates, colouring, binding agents or fillers as has now become the standard for sausage makers in the UK.

What We're About

Getting great results from sausage-making requires a good deal of skill in bringing together the highest quality meats, natural seasonings and the knowledge of the sausage maker (Salumist).

The quality of ingredients we use is very important to us, that’s why we list them on the front of our packs – plain and simple – which gets a big thumbs up from customers.

In addition, all our pork is locally sourced in Yorkshire from an independently certified Free Range (RSPCA & RED TRACTOR approved) farms.

Michael Oliver, our Chief Salumist is fervent about bringing charcuterie and all natural foods together to create high quality healthy sausages for all.


25 Endor Crescent

Burley in Wharfedale

Ilkley, England

LS29 7QH

Primal Cut Gluten Free Sausage

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