What is a Clean Label?

Our original clean label design highlighting the simple natural ingredients in our sausages

At Primal Cut, we use clean labelling to reflect the quality and integrity of the ingredients in our sausages.  A clean label will list natural, familiar and simple ingredients that are easy to understand, recognise and pronounce.

What does clean labelling mean?

Clean labelling reflects the trend to return to real food.  It demonstrates transparency and authenticity in the food we are eating.  We want products that are familiar and contain simple ingredients. Hence, clean labelling is about simplifying an overly complex food industry.  It reflects a genuine desire to know what is in the food we are eating.

Actively limiting processed food is the third most recognised adjustment we make to our diets?  It follows on after eating more fruit and vegetables. As a result, many consumers now actively search for food that is naturally rich in nutrients and minimally processed.  This can be difficult if we opt for large-scale processed foods but becomes simpler if we support local food producers.  For all of the above reasons, Primal Cut are fully committed to supporting the Clean Label trend.

We believe it is time to put the consumer first.  Overly complex food formulations are more about making a profit at the expense of the consumer.  Processed food is suffering from a succession of over-tweaking to achieve production efficiencies or delivering increasingly challenging marketing claims.  Food has become far too complicated and includes unnecessary ingredients and chemical components. Consumers want to keep food simple with safe,  recognisable and wholesome ingredients.

Why we use clean labelling on all our sausage packs.

Our award-winning Burley sausages displaying clean labelling


At Primal Cut we believe that the clean label trend has opened up a number of exciting opportunities for sausage making.  Consequently, all Primal Cut ingredients are subjected to meticulous consideration before going into our seasonings. We want to make it easy for you to make healthy choices.

Ask any butcher and they will tell you that sausages have particular “textural”, binding and “bite” qualities that bring their own challenges to creating a great tasting, gluten-free, clean eating, healthy sausage.  We think we’ve cracked it and we now offer a full range of over 23 varieties of minimally processed, clean eating, natural healthy sausages which taste amazing!  We think that our product labelling designed by our daughter Poppy is pretty special too!



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