Good eating made simple

We all know that what we eat matters.  How many of us also realise that how we eat is as important for our sense of well being and general health? Over many centuries, a certain ceremony and ritual has grown up around food and good eating.  We see this in every food culture around the world. This is because it has a value in its own right.  The act of eating is not simply about filling our stomachs as quickly as possible, there is more.

principles of good eating

Simple ideas often give the best reward

How convenient is convenience food?

If we take a look around today at how we eat,  we have lost the concept of ceremony and ritual.  We eat meals on our laps, in bed, at our desks. Sometimes we eat standing up in the kitchen or at bus stops, in queues.  There are TV dinners or we sit alone in front of the computer. We don’t even switch off the screens to eat.  We call it convenience food and sell it from a convenience store.  Our stomachs are full but our brains and emotions are not even remotely satisfied by eating in this way.  It can leave us feeling dissatisfied and empty, hungry for more.  By rushing our food and not paying attention to how we eat,  we risk continually grazing to fill the void.  Next step, overeating and discomfort.  Beyond that, for some, obesity.

Is convenience food nourishment?

Eat at the table

By taking fifteen minutes or so to eat together, meals have the capacity to make us feel nurtured, nourished and full.  Meals together around a table and with our family or friends have a special capacity to make us feel held and content and can promote a huge sense of well being.  Check out the pleasure we get eating together around the table at Christmas.  When our kids were younger and getting together in our second blended family, we always made time every day to eat together for tea.  It was a safe place to value each other and talk about shared experiences.  Good eating and real-food brought us closer together.

How we nurture ourselves by eating together…at the table

Sometimes the pace and pressure of modern life can make us forget the simple things.  Don’t let that happen to you!  And even if you can’t always share a meal with your family and friends, value yourself and take a few minutes to sit down properly at the table to enjoy your food.  After all those centuries of tradition count for something – our ancestors knew how to hold a party and were experts in nurturing the family – even those with little.  It’s the simple things often that can make the difference.  And to sit at a table to share a meal costs nothing but a small investment in time and energy.  Happy eating!

shared food

Sharing and celebrating together also works on a daily basis



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