Seasonal Food in August

Seasonal Apples

Beautiful fresh seasonal apples at the allotments

Hello August and Happy Yorkshire Day!  We marked the month end by selling our “Yorkshire Sausages” at two markets in Otley and Baildon where Michael was immensely cheered by the rousing sound of the local choir belting out “Anyone who had a Heart” and joining in (much to the distress of our Robbie who had joined Michael on the stall for the morning ;)!)

And now it’s August…

Do you read Lia Leendertz?  Here’s a great description of the lovely month of August from Lia, one of my favourite seasonal writers:

“Home in August takes on a deliciously doldrums like quality.  If you are able to take time off then days spill into each other in a haze of nothing much, may be an afternoon visit to a lido with the papers one day, a dusk potter in the garden with a frosted glass of wine the next.  If you are at work in August then the most basic tasks feel like wading through treacle with every other email met instantly by an out of office reply that whispers:  I am elsewhere, lying in dappled shade with a book, gasping as a cold sun-sparkling wave crashes over me.  Your sales figures will wait..”

Sigh – so true!

Seasonal Lavender

Lavender and Bees at the Allotment

Lovely lazy days if we can grab them.  Love it.  Love August.  Love the sense of time passing of ripening – we’ve worked hard for our August – relax and enjoy if you can and we very much look forward to saying “hi” at our market stall in Otley, every Saturday morning for the rest of Summer.

August Seasonal Food

So what’s in season in August?

August seasonal food is all about the ripening…

Allotment Signs

Old Allotment Sign

Plums – we can smell them walking back from the railway station down the bottom of Holme Grove.  Behind us, the raspberries are finishing and we are beginning to move to early ripening apples and pears.


Allotment Fruit

Lovely late summer foods like sweetcorn, tomatoes, sweet peppers, aubergines, courgettes, French beans and runner beans, lots and lots of lovely fresh herbs are all in plentiful supply.

Allotment Raspberries

Allotment Berries

And elderberries in the hedgerows and the beginnings of blackberries (brambles) which so makes me think of early Autumn and the delicious hot apple and bramble crumbles we love to eat at home.

Summer Allotment Flowers

Summer Allotment Flowers

This week, to celebrate August seasonal food we have chosen to use the freshest ripest tomatoes and we are going to cooking up a sausage and sweet tomato tray bake (the ultimate in one tray comfort food) on Friday for you to enjoy with your family using our very own very delicious hand-made, gluten-free Yorkshire sausages.


The Yorkshire Sausage!

So come back and join us here for the recipe on the blog on Friday!

And in the meantime, what does August mean to you?

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