Hello November! Local and Seasonal Food by Month


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November is a month of fire and sparks, wood smoke and sulphur smells – a month in which we fight the encroaching dark with light and warmth: from bonfires, festivals and good food.  This means that November is a perfect month for good sausage!

Seasonal Food by Month

Only the hardiest of garden vegetables survive this month: artichokes, carrots, beetroot, squash, borlotti beans – wild mushrooms also continue with strong meat tastes converging on duck, goose, grouse and guinea fowl.

Key Seasonal Ingredients for November

Bacon and Sausages are the key ingredients this month – so November is our kind of month!   The old Anglo Saxon name for November was Blotmonath (blood month).  For, having fattened up livestock over summer and autumn and to save the expense of feeding livestock over winter,  November became the month for slaughtering and then preserving the meat.  Any of the meat that could not be preserved was cooked up and eaten.   For this reason, there is a general sense of abundance to November despite the encroaching cold  – or may be because of it..

Local Seasonal Food

November festivals include: All Saint’s Day, Samhain, All Souls Day, Bonfire Night, Diwali – festivals of light and colour – there is something instinctive in us that craves to see and feel the light and warmth again this time of year.  This month’s local and seasonal food glut is the borlotti bean:

November seasonal food the borlotti bean

Food writer Skye Gyngell describes the borlotti bean as:

….slightly green yet with a streaky red and cream skin underneath. Once podded, the colours of the beans inside are the exact opposite colourway to their pods. I think they’re the most beautiful of all pulses – they remind me of Missoni fabric. But then, once cooked, the strangest thing happens. They become a dull mousy brown. But what they lack in beauty is made up for in taste as they are delicious….

We would have to agree and they make a delicious accompaniment to any sausage dish.  Check out our brand new recipe for pan-cooked sausages with warming borlotti beans.


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