Why local and seasonal food? At Primal Cut HQ we love to eat our fresh artisan made gluten-free sausages with local seasonal produce – after all, if we have sourced the best quality meat for our hand-made sausages, we want to know that we are eating the freshest, tastiest sausage side-dishes to compliment the flavours – It just makes sense.

Why eat local seasonal food?

Supermarkets would have you believe that they are about choice when the reality is that the ready availability and constant supply of the same fruit and vegetables offer no choice at all. Most people have grown up away from the land and we lack knowledge of seasonal produce and when and where local fruit and vegetables are grown. At Primal Cut, we want to bring that knowledge back into the hands of the people and bring back choice!

And if you need more convincing, here are seven other great reasons we advocate eating local seasonal food

7 great reasons to eat local seasonal food

• Buying local produce supports the local economy (not the supermarket)
• It is better for the environment, reducing the travel distance to market and emissions /carbon footprint
• The produce is fresher and this makes it taste better and more nutritious
• Eating seasonal food reconnects us to nature, the seasons and the passing of time
• Variety of food over the year (and not in a single week)
• Eagerly anticipate nature’s variety – asparagus in spring, berries in summer and sweet root vegetables and squash in autumn and winter
• Pay the local price and avoid paying expensive prices for food that has been kept in storage and travelled a long distance.

Seasonal Food in July!

So what’s in Season in July? Answer: Lots!

• It’s a fruit lovers paradise – apricots, peaches, nectarines, cherries raspberries, red currants, gooseberries, blueberries, strawberries – are all in season
• Courgettes
• New Potatoes, Salads, Rocket, Peas, Mange Tout, French beans, runner beans, celery and baby carrots
• Lovely summer herbs: mint, basil and dill
• Edible flowers: courgette flowers and the edible nasturtiums

All of which will make great additions to our sausage meals. Try our Toulouse, a particular favourite this month.  Keep a look out on the blog for lots of tasty recipes for more sausage meals and sides!

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