Seasonal food in December

December is the meteorological start date for winter.  Darkness rules (albeit briefly).  Don’t worry – local seasonal food is still plentiful – we have to look a little harder to find it. In reality, December is a month of darkness and light and hope and includes the big one – Christmas!  Did you know that before Christmas, 25th December was celebrated as the birth date of Sol Invictus, the Roman God of the Sun and another bringer of light and hope?  We should never underestimate the resourcefulness of the human spirit to find a reason for feasts and candles and light.  After all, what better to keep our spirits high during the gloom and cold of  this December month?  This month includes the winter Solstice (Yule) and with it, a sense of optimism that the longest night will pass and from this point forward, each night will become shorter and the days brighter and longer as the world turns forward past winter and on into spring.

local seasonal food

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December seasonal food

If you have ever wondered why Brussel sprouts are such a traditional food at Christmas – the reason is simple!  They make up this month’s vegetable seasonal glut.   And for that reason alone our forebears must have thought,  what better way to enjoy them than to serve up with roast turkey and all the trimmings.  Proper December seasonal food.  Other favourites for the month include Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, beetroots, parsnips, cauliflower, leeks and winter cabbage so there is a lot to go at!  For a little seasonal inspiration, take a look at this recipe for roasted veg and our brand new authentic Sicilian sausage.

December seasonal food includes lots of game meats: grouse, guinea fowl, partridge, pheasant, venison and wood pigeon.  There’s lots of turkey to be had and goose and duck any of which can be found at the feast on Christmas day.  Black truffles are also in season. Nuts including sweet chestnuts and walnuts are plentiful.  All traditional December seasonal food, perfect for Christmas!

And don’t forget the midwinter evergreens growing outside.  We bring the evergreens indoors and  “deck the halls”. We use the holly and the ivy to weave into wreaths and hang on the door.  This month is a cracker, fire and light-filled, celebrating the return of the sun.  What’s not to love?

Our new range of local seasonal food

To celebrate Christmas with you, we have extended our range of gluten free pork sausages to include cocktail sausages (perfect for pigs in blankets), chipolatas (delicious finger food) and sausage meat (perfect for hot tasty stuffing).  We are also offering natural cured bacon.  It is nitrate free and delicious thick and thin slices! All these are being offered alongside our traditional thick natural pork sausage that works so well in breakfasts, sausage and mash and warming soups and stews.  Find out more about our story here.

Christmas gluten free sausage orders



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