Skipton Market – Friday 8th February

What could possibly go wrong?


Rain All Day!

We had a busy week last week preparing our delicious gluten free sausages for all our hungry customers.  By Thursday evening, we had packed and shipped out all the online orders.   We had the van loaded and ready for Skipton Market on Friday and feet up by 8pm.   But, there was one fatal flaw in our plan – the weather!  We had forgotten to check the forecast.   So we arrived early on Friday morning to an empty market.   Skipton high street was being battered by driving rain and high winds and it was hard to make out where to pitch our stall.

Hurricane Erik

Having encountered snow the previous week, we decided we could handle the rain.  Our lovely market manager, Trevor helpfully suggested we re-position our car to provide some shelter.  He then casually dropped into the conversation that Hurricane Erik was expected to land at 11 am – but not to worry it would pass by early afternoon!


The car was carefully re-positioned, south westerly on the diagonal after much debate!  We anchored down the straps on our bright red gazebo and set about laying out our produce.  By 9 30, everything and I mean everything was drenched.  We battled gamely on.  The high street remained deserted, passers-by bundled up with hoods down and in no mood to stop; dashing hurriedly by to beat the rain and get to work, the doctors, the dentist, the shops and home.

Fleetingly, I began to wonder why I had walked away from a secure desk job last November to feel vulnerable and very wet and cold on a market stall in February!

Why do we do it?

But the thought was transitory, a fleeting look back.  We are here trading on the market because we believe in the product we have created together and the chance to do something right with food instead of all the wrong.  And, when it is not raining (or snowing) we love it.  And because we wanted to work together while we still had time.

Going Home

By 11 am with the prospect of Hurricane Erik on the horizon and the wind and rain bouncing off the gazebo, we simply decided to go home.  It was a scary decision to make – as we sell our own fresh handmade produce preservative free –  but there simply was no choice.

Once home, we spent the rest of the afternoon drying off the props and tableware, the signs, the table cloths, the aprons, and ourselves in preparation for market the following day

Otley Market Saturday – 9th February

Heavy Rain again.

This will be a brief entry!  We woke early Saturday morning to hear the wind battering the roof tiles and torrential rain hammering on the windows.  We have to try, we said.  By 8 30am  we had re-packed the car and filled the storage boxes, re-stocked on labels, aprons, table cloths and driven into Otley Market and onto the cobbled square.  The place was deserted!  Not a single market stall up and nobody about.  Home – said Michael.  Home, I agreed.  So we drove home. By 11.30am ,  the rain and wind had cleared away and it turned into a bright sunny day.  It was perfect for trading but the market had been cancelled regardless.

Hebden Bridge, Sunday –  10th February

Sunday morning and we awoke to a lovely clear day.  With all the basics still loaded from the previous day, we quickly boxed up the produce and set off on the drive over the tops to Hebden Bridge.  We had hot tea to drink in the car and had cooked some of our black strap molasses natural bacon to eat on the way – lovely rich squares of hot bacon, perfect with a side order of chopped apple slices.  The sun even briefly came out on the way and seemed to be pointing already towards a better day.

Real Food Market

Hebden Bridge Market on George Street is a hidden gem. It is a proper artisan real food market, small and busy.  The town itself is a special place and the townsfolk and visitors alike are welcoming and receptive to new and interesting ideas.  We had a blast.  Thank you.  It was such fun talking to people about what we do and being able to give out lots of samples for tasting.  People really seemed to get and understand what it is we are selling and what is different about our sausages and were hugely complimentary about the composition, taste and texture of our 100% real and natural sausages and natural bacon.

Driving home

All in all, it was a smashing day.   We packed up about 4 00pm  and drove home back over the tops with the sun out fully and bright white clouds dancing on the far horizon.  It will be OK you know, said Michael, you’ll see.

This week we are at:-

Skipton market on Friday 15th, Otley market on Saturday 16th and Leeds Briggate Farmers’ market on Sunday 17th.

Don’t forget, if you pre –order your sausages we can package them up for you in brown paper and string – perfect for re cycling.  Then collect from any of the markets and pay on collection.


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