Eat Real Food

Here at Primal Cut we are passionate about eating real food and ditching the processed food alternatives in our diet…so principle #1 just makes good sense!

Food as Science?

Most of us don’t have mono and diglycerides of fatty acids in our kitchen  cupboard, we don’t possess nitrates, guar gum, high fructose corn syrup, malto-dextrin nor hydrogenated vegetable fat and we probably don’t have any friends who stock this either.  Yet most of us eat them!  But is it food?

Processed food labels

Label ingredients

At What Cost?

The only people who actually purposefully stock these items are the food scientists working in the processed food industry whose job it is to find ever more ways to flog more product to an unsuspecting market at higher and higher profit for the processed food industry – but at what cost?

And guess what – your health is not their priority!  Your food addiction is.

Food Labelling

For now, we say keep it simple and eat real food.  It doesn’t have to be complicated – if you don’t recognise a name or ingredient on the label  – don’t eat it.

As makers of great tasting gluten free artisan sausages, we use simple combinations of mouth-watering-ly delicious free range pork and herbs and spices.

gluten free sausages

Hand made gluten-free breakfast sausages from Primal Cut

We keep our ingredients simple and label every pack on the front so you can see what goes into every fresh sausage!

Come and See us at Otley Market!

Selling Sausages at Otley Market

Michael from Primal Cut at Otley Market Summer 2018

We make real food for real people, like you and me and are great supporters of our local market at Otley where we look forward to seeing our customers every Saturday morning!

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