Primal Cut’s Principles of Good Eating (Made Simple) #2


Avoid Over Processed Food!

Don’t get us started!

It is as simple as this: the processed food industry is a business and their business is you and me!  The processed food industry makes money from pulling apart natural food stuffs and putting it back together again in a much more lucrative form – and not usually in a nutritionally beneficial way – chicken nugget anyone?  It’s about profit not people and not planet .  All this high tech  food is a relatively new phenomenon – and the long term consequences of eating over processed food are really not known.  But what is know is a huge rise in the rates of obesity in country’s that overeat over processed food;  a huge rise in food allergies and a huge rise in diet-related disease.

Well, your sausages are processed  – I hear you say – and so is butter, cheese  and yoghurt – true!  But these traditional products have been processed for many hundreds of years using time-honoured techniques and ingredients and have a long tradition at home.  Nowadays, none of us have as much time to prepare these products but we can still make a difference  – we do have time to go to market to source traditionally made products and support local produce.  And best of all these new products alter only primary ingredients to produce the tastiest, freshest products for you to eat.

And that brings us back to our hand made artisanal gluten-free sausages – a delicious 100% natural product

We make it our business to be fully transparent on all our labelling and packaging detailing all our ingredients.  Come and talk to us at Otley market if you would like to find out more about how we make our sausages!


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