Principle #4 Base your diet on real unprocessed food.

A short article based on common sense!

Base your diet on real unprocessed food

At Primal Cut HQ, we firmly believe that if you base your diet on real unprocessed food, you won’t go far wrong.  This includes the battle against weight gain

Nutritional Integrity and Real, Unprocessed Food

Nature is very clever.  Food in its most basic unprocessed form holds an inbuilt, nutritional  integrity.   This is something we are keen to preserve with our artisan-crafted, gluten-free pork sausages.  We use only natural ingredients, no fillers, no chemicals and no preservatives.  We combine the freshest free range pork with salt and natural seasonings for a delicious nutritious deeply satisfying feast.  It is simple nourishing food. Our sausages also reflect our first and second principles of good eating:  don’t eat over processed food and don’t buy food with ingredients you won’t find in your cupboards.

Ancestral Health and Real, Unprocessed Food

If you are looking for proof, look at the diet of our ancestors.  Consider what has helped keep us strong, fit and healthy over the centuries.  And it probably wasn’t processed food.  What is true is that we don’t yet fully know or understand the inter play between our bodies and their symbiotic relationship with food.   Our ancestors did not suffer from an adverse relationship with food.  It was simple.  They ate food close to its natural state.  The issue was more the lack of it. Their food knowledge was passed down to the next generation who carry this forward.  By refusing to compromise and by seeking out real food, the next generation will carry the knowledge onward.

Our task is to make it easier to source local, real food.

We already know the answer

It is not hard.  The path has already been made by those who have gone before.   Our interests have been hi-jacked by profit and easy money based on the drive for instant gratification which is now so common place it has become almost normal.   We ignore underlying problems and embrace quick fixes, pills, detoxes, crazes, weird infomercials, gimmicks,  magic potions, mechanical devices when all the time the knowledge is already within us!

A Healthy Diet

If we choose mainly unprocessed or minimally processed food and eat from a regular variety of food groups then none of us need worry too much about eating a healthy diet – we’ll already be there.

Primal Cut – changing conventional wisdom, one sausage at a time.


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