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Primal Cut Gluten Free Sausage allergy information

The origin of the Hunters sausage is cause for debate, in Germany its referred to as Jagerwurst or Jadgwurst, Italy – Cacciatore and in Poland it’s the Mysliwska sausage with a mix of pork and beef and usually being smoked and/or dried. Our tribute is a fresh version with primal cuts of Beef to be cooked for those cold mornings in the field or to be enjoyed in the evening with you favourite tipple around the fire – Nice ‘n’ spicy!

Ingredients: Pork Shoulders, Pork Fat, Bacon, Beef, Koscher Salt, White Wine Vinegar, Pea Flour/Sweet Potato Flour (75/25), Paprika,Ginger, Black Pepper, Garlic, Juniper, Coriander, Tumeric, Nutmeg

May be eaten as part of a low-carb or real food diet, also favoured by those on a controlled diet or sufferers of food intolerance, e.g. Wheat, Diabetes, Coeliac disease.

Does not contain: Rusk, Breadcrumbs, Sulphites, Phosphates, Nitrates/Nitrites, MSG, Antioxidants, Refined Sugar or any nasties whatsoever.

Delivery: 400g-2kg (1-5 packs) = £7.95, 2kg-25kg = £10.95


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