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Are you looking to reset your relationship with food by starting the Whole30® program?  If you are an artisan sausage lover and the answer is yes, then look no further, we can help!  Our delicious range of hand-crafted, natural sausages are all Whole30® Approved and are all available right here in the UK.


The UK's 1st...

WHOLE30 Approved® Partner!

At Primal Cut we offer a superb range of Whole30® Approved all natural artisan sausages. So you will never be stuck for choice or unable to find easy family-friendly Whole30’er options for breakfast, tea or dinner.

Our award-winning Whole30® Sausages


Whole30 Approved®

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No added Sugar

No Legumes



Our easy Whole30 Recipes

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“During my last trip to London, I hit some UK grocery stores to see what a Whole30’er across the pond might expect to find. Two years ago, the options were extremely limited, especially when it came to naturally-raised and fed animal protein. (“But we don’t have compliant sausage here!” was a common refrain.) Ever since I’ve been eagerly looking to expand our Whole30 Approved reach into the UK, and today, THE DAY IS HERE! I’m so pleased to introduce our VERY FIRST Whole30 Approved® partner in the UK: Primal Cut!

Primal Cut offers over 20 varieties of all natural sausage, from locally sourced, certified free-range farms. Their delicious flavours, like Thai Chicken, Truffle and Porcini Mushroom, Chorizo and Currywurst, all carefully crafted from free-range Pork with no added sugars, nitrites, or artificial preservatives to make your Whole30 meal creations easier and even more flavorful. Their commitment to animal welfare and traditional salumi (sausage making) techniques, and their desire to serve our Whole30 (and the paleo/primal) community, makes them the perfect inaugural inductees into our UK Whole30 Approved partner program.” 


25 Endor Crescent

Burley in Wharfedale

Ilkley, England

LS29 7QH

Primal Cut Gluten Free Sausage

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